A Touch Of Luxury [Nail Polish Collection Spotlight]

A Touch of Luxury Release

Hi there! I’m starting new 2016 with something unusual for me.

This time I’m going with something chic inspired by my associations with royal families. I’m not a big history fan, though, so my understanding of this topic may be a little bit vague 😀
In any case, on January 7th I released a new collection called A Touch Of Luxury – my little piece of shiny gorgeousness with royal colors. Yay!

This collection contains 4 polishes, all different, all unique: 2 dense glitter topper and 2 creams.

Mirror Room – dense blue glitter topper with triangle holo glitter

Mirror Room dense blue glitter topper with triangle holo glitter

As you might have noticed, blue is my favorite color in general (you can see it in almost all of my collections). And this one is no exception, apart from the fact that it’s a topper – this is new for me. I was shopping for new supplies and saw these gorgeous triangles – I had to make a polish with them. I’ve coupled the triangles with smaller blue glitter, et voilĂ , Mirror Room!

The name for the polish came so obvious, I imagine a royal room filled with mirrors for the queen to enjoy her own sight.

This polish is very dense and creates a great affect over dark and lighter colors. The shine is absolutely unbelievable. It’s a great base for so many creative manicures.

Royal Gardens – dense green glitter topper with micro and big hex pieces

Royal Gardens dense green glitter topper

It’s tough to choose my favorite polish in this collection. But if I had to, I’d say it’s Royal Gardens – a very royal color in my opinion. It’s a very dense topper, that you can actually get opaque on its own by sponging it. But it shows it’s true ‘nature’ better as a topper over dark colors.

I was actually working on this collection during holiday season and my real inspiration was the Christmas tree. At the end this polish turned out very unexpectedly different, and I loved it! I think it’s a great base for flower designs, whether freehand or stickers.

Diamonds and Crystal – blue cream with holographic micro glitter

Diamonds and Crystal blue cream with holo micro glitter

Another blue. Oh, me. This kind off just got created in the heat of the moment :-). It is a very nice cream with SO MUCH micro glitter in it. The shine is so difficult to show in the picture. I would say it was inspired by myself. This one is a simple color, but still a royal color!

It actually looks best without top coat, and it reminds me of fancy crystal goblets or goblets lined with previous stones, diamonds in this case. Beautiful color for beautiful manicures.

Color of Velvet – purple cream polish with small black matte glitter

Color of Velver purple cream polish with black glitter

The last color in this spotlight (and actually the first to be created in this collection) is Color of Velvet. It’s a very deep purple that for me represents those amazing royal dresses. In general, purple is associated with royalty (at least in my mind). That’s why I had to include it in this collection.

It’s a very royal color with a small touch of glitter in it –  I couldn’t just make a regular polish, now, could I?  There’s also a secret to this color – it’s my boyfriend’s favorite color, and I wanted to have at least one polish to represent that 🙂


All these royal colors are just waiting to find their princess! Are you ready for some luxury on your nails now?

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