Creator of daria nail paint

Hey there! My name’s Daria, the founder of Daria Nail Paint.

I’m a huge fan of nail art and everything nails-related, that’s one of the reasons why I decided to create my own nail polish brand.

Most would say that naming your brand after your own name is a bit too bold. But it was my mom’s idea. And for the first time in my adult life I listened to her (^_^) Way to go, mom!

Nail Art & Creativity

The world tells us to get a good job to earn enough money to be happy. I surely had this directive in my mind. But at the same time I always was drawn to creative things. Gosh, what didn’t I try: dance, drawing and painting, moulding, theater, origami…

At some point it became clear: I’m not alone. And the reason: it seems like we all are just desperately trying to find our second very creative self.

When I finally found nail art, I found the whole community of incredibly creative people who love this little nail passion and want to paint their every single day 🙂

Nail art is the best medicine and great inspiration that I know can help so many women (let’s be honest, men as well) to find their inner self.

With Daria Nail Paint I want to transfer this creative spirit from nail polish to you!

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Let You Creativity Out


Do you want to be creative? Do you want to make something beautiful every day? Do you want to find your second self?

That’s what daria nail paint is about: being yourself and doing what you love!

Use these polishes as an everyday inspiration. Create a unique nail art. Find colors that go together. Match your clothes. Do a fantastic photo.
Everything that breaks your creativity free!