Closing the shop

Hey everyone! Well, it came to this. I’ve closed my nail polish shop on June 1st 2016, but I’m keeping the website for good memories.


I’m moving to a new country and somewhat starting a new life, so it was a time for a change anyway. I had a lot of fun with my polish brand and learned a lot. I’ve connected with so many awesome nail polish lovers out there. It was a fulfilling experience.

Since now I’m starting a new adventure, I decided to not bring everything with me – we all need to do a little triage from time to time. As I had to say goodbye to some of my old clothes and shoes, I’m saying goodbye to my French business.

I’m surely going to find some new exciting things to do, as soon I’m all set up in my new place.

Where am I going?

Canada! Toronto! I’m super happy to announce that me and my boyfriend got our official papers of Permanent Residents of Canada this year (after so much time and effort spent). Yay!

A lot of great things await us and I’m happy to start this awesome journey a fresh. \(‘o’)/

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