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Hello! Stuck and can’t find your inspiration for next nail art?

We all have a little inspiration crisis from time to time. But sometimes it’s just hard to even decide which colors to choose for the next design when you have dozens of them on your shelf. And I don’t even want to start on nail fails (I see them in my nightmares!)

But after all, there’re so many places to turn to find your daily inspirations for nail designs. You’ll never run out of idea and will always have interesting and unusual designs if you know what to look for. The limit is only your imagination 😉


The world is full of various patterns: simple and classic, intricate and modern. If you are looking for something easy, patterns can be your go-to place. You can also get inspired by a patterns colors and make something of your own, or on the opposite, freshen up a generic pattern with funky colors.
Or check out patterns for specific topics like floral, Japanese, geometric. There’re tons of inspirations. If not Google, you can also find them on origami paper, furniture or decoration.


Want to get real? Try looking for nail art inspirations in paintings. Yes, some of them are way too hard to reproduce on small nail surface, but some are abstract or quite structured. I like to go to Etsy or DeviantArt to look for art inspirations.
You can also go for something very classic – ever wanted to have Monet on your fingers?
The type of paintings that usually are quite transformable into nail art are done with acrylic paints (obvious!) Some watercolor pieces can also be easy to make into nail art. Just try it out once, and you’ll love it.


Cartoons are already drawn, so why not re-draw them on your nails? It’s always fun to have characters of your favorite animation movies in nail art. And you can also use background images as inspiration, color tone, pieces of garments or special items. There’re many nail artists who also draw inspiration from anime. I find it very fun.

As Picasso said ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.‘ So go watch some cartoons!


This is classics. Nails and fashion go along. You often can see nail trends in fashion magazines so it’s only logical to look for your inspiration there.

And no, I’m not only talking about dresses and tops. You can look for designer shoes, bags, accessories, hats – all those little beautiful things no woman can live without.


As a more ‘advanced’ place to find your inspiration, look at the world. Whether you’re in a park, in a home garden, in a flower shop. Mountains, lakes, trees, birds – all these things are your creativity boosts.

It doesn’t mean you have to draw in a photo-quality, no, no, no. I like to look for photos of various things that I then transform them into something nailart-like. It’s a very creative process and you should try it out.


Be sure to check out my special Pinterest board with every day nail art inspirations.

The more you look the easier it gets to find inspiration. At some point unexpected things will make you feel creative. Once I found inspiration in cheese! (well, I’m French, so it was kind of expected…) But still, look around you and be ready to create!

What inspires you most?

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