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Hey there! Getting lonely looking at your pretty nails? Don’t fret – there’re an challenge for that! \(^_^)/

In my last post I wrote about places where you can find inspiration. But I kept one place a secret. Because I myself didn’t realize how inspirational this place would turn out!

Today I want to talk about challenges that are so common in the nail art community. You probably saw a couple of them already, but was not sure if you want to start one yourself.

Well, here is why you should go and start a challenge today:

Tons of inspiration

Each challenge limits you with a topic. At first I thought that it would limit my creativity. BUT it actually helped me focus and wake up my creative-self. I would think about a topic for a while and then have my “A-ha!”

Some topics may be unexpected and make you go out of your comfort zone, and that’s exactly what creativity needs 🙂

Continuous practice

In nail art, as in any type of serious activity (-_-), practice if what you need to reach perfection. Not like, you can actually reach it…

Anyway, since you need to produce something new every X days, you just do it. And you practice every time. Even if sometimes it feels like a fail, you know that #failsarenails too!


This is one of the things that I absolutely love and seek for in the nail art community. When you paint your nails by yourself it’s fun and inspiring. But when you paint your nails together with thousands of girls around the world, it creates an amazing engagement between nail artists. Comment and like other pictures, start discussions, find nail-friends!


Now that we covered WHY you want to participate in challenges, let’s see WHAT challenges you should participate in. Though, I don’t know them all, but I definitely have my small list of favorites:

Nail Art Fashion Week

by @so_nailicious at #NAFW2015

It was at the beginning of 2015 and I hope it continues in 2016 as well. 1 week every day nail art related to fashion. I start the list with this challenge because I rally-really loved participating in it.


31 Day Nail Art Challenge

at #31dc, #31dc2015, #31dc2014…

A tough but very rewarding challenge going on for a MONTH with new nails every day. It’s done every year, usually in September or October. But basically, you can do it any time.

BTW, I’m doing it this September, so do check out my IG @dariasnails

31 day Nail Art Challenge

The Totally Doable I Have A Life Challenge

by @californails at #nailartsep, #nailartfeb, #nailartdec…

This challenge is really irregular. As you might have guessed this challenge will be easier that the previous one. 2-3 new nails per week is definitely ok for a nail polish addict, right? 😉

Nail art Challenges

Clairestelle8 Challenge

by @clairestelle8 at #clairestelle8challengeaug, #clairestelle8challengesept, #clairestelle8challengeoct

A great challenge with 2-3 nail arts per week and featured on @clairestelle8challenge.

clairestelle8 nail art challenge

Weekly Nail Art Challenge

by @wnac_tkc at #wnac2015

This challenge goes on every month and you can join it one month and take a break for another. Only 1 mani per week, so this one is easy to do. I mean, compared…

wnac nail art challenge

Random Nail Art Challenge

by @jamylyn_nails and @maeflowernails at #randomnailartaug, #randomnailartsept…

Never done it, but they also have a small feature account at

random nail art challenge

Glamnails Challenge

by @nbnailart, @obsessedwithnails and @naturenail at #glamnailschallenge

Again a new one for me. A feature account is @glamnailschallenge

glamnails nail art challenge

….and many many more….


An advice: do NOT start to crazily participate in all challenges at the same time: it drains energy and you stop having fun so your creative spirit becomes sad.

Choose one challenge for the following month that you like the most. It all depends on the topics, right? And just do it!

Remember to check our others participating in the challenge – that’s where all the fun is 🙂

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