Let’s Get Creative [Nail Polish Collection Spotlight]

Let's Get Creative Collection

Hi there! I’m finally very happy to announce my very first nail polish collection launching on September 14 this year.

This is a very exciting moment for me, and I’m happy that you are here to celebrate with me!

Let’s Get Creative is the initiation of my brand. Initially I got into nail art because I wanted to do something creative, I wanted to let my inspiration out and enjoy every moment of it. I work a regular 9-to-5 job and I was looking for an escape, an everyday retreat. And nail art became it.

I know that there’re thousands of women who find themselves in the same place. And I want my brand to become a daily inspiration. So… let’s get creative together!


The collection contains 6 very different colors that were inspired by very different things around me. Let me show you what stands behind each color!

In My Dreams

In My Dreams bottle and closeup - Let's Get Creative nail polish collection

I am a huge fan of blue-green or turquoise colors. Then inspire me, they make my happy by just looking at them. So I had to make this polish for my first collection. This is a color that I can wear every day and it will never bore me.

I saw a recent release from KBShimmer with silver flakies, and I loved how it looked. I decided to use the same concept for my favorite color ever here. Thank you for the idea, KBShimmer!

In My Dreams is a subtle turquoise jelly base with tons of turquoise micro-flakies. Oh, they sparkle, all right!


Starry Night

Starry Night bottle and closeup - Let's Get Creative nail polish collection

This polish was my very first idea when I started to create my collection. I love blue (not as much as turquoise, though!). And I could never find my perfect blue. And when I thought of it I immediately remember the night sky full of stars. “Yes, this is the color I want,” I told myself.

Since I live in a city I rarely have an opportunity to look at a starry sky. Well, now I can see it on my nails every day.

The blue is so deep in this polish, but as it is a jelly base you can make it brighter or darker if you layer it over white or dark blue. But the ‘stars’ in this polish will always be there, shining at you with it micro-glitter gold.


Hot Sun

Hot Sun bottle and closeup - Let's Get Creative nail polish collection

My initial idea for this polish was quite different from what I ended up with. I was going for a textured dark orange look inspired by the desert heat. Desert -> sand -> texture.

But in the process I realized that I wanted to show this heat in a ‘hot’ sparkle. The red-orange base here is flashing – it’s not quite red, but not orange enough. The mix of colors turned out to be so bright! And the subtle micro-glitter of a copper color adds this shine that a hot sun transmits.

Gosh, it’s getting hot in here just by looking at it.


Crème-Brulé with Chocolate

Creme brule bottle and closeup - Let's Get Creative nail polish collection

Yes, I try to eat healthy: vegetables, steam-cooked meat, a lot of fruits. But it doesn’t mean I say ‘No’ to desserts! I like to have a sugar-dose after my lunch to set me up. I’m not that much into chocolate on its own though. But when I came to France I discovered crème-brulé – a soft dessert in a French manner.

So, why not add some chocolate in it and make a nail polish?! This is the idea behind this color. It even looks yummy!


Kitty Kitty

Kitty Kitty bottle and closeup - Let's Get Creative nail polish collection

I am totally a cat-person. Since I was little we always had cats. I’m not even 30 and I already had 4 cats in my life! They brighten up my life, they inspire me, they make me happy.

The inspiration for this polish came from my cat Buzz who lives with us now. He’s black-and-white just like this polish (or is it the other way around?).

In this polish I wanted to show the tiny strings of black and white. Initially I planned to have a clear base with much more glitter particles. But I decided to have something that can be worn both as a topper and on its own . And a light gray jelly base is exactly what does it!


Mermaid’s Jewels

Mermaids Jewels bottle and closeup - Let's Get Creative nail polish collection

Yes, it kinda looks like turquoise, but it’s not! It’s actually a mix of sky blue and gold, can you imagine that? Some time ago I was experimenting with some pigments and I ended up with this color. I loved it so much, that I decided to include it in my collection.

The color gives very subtle gold shimmer in a light turquoise base. It immediately made me think of mermaids playing in the bright blue waters (somewhere really sunny and hot). This color by itself looks quite chic, like a jewels. So here you go – jewels hidden by the mermaids.


Have you found your inspiration yet? Let me know in the comments.


Shop will open on September 14. But you can already look at the swatches in the collection view, subscribe to my mailing list and follow me on Instagram for more info!

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