Long lasting manicure in a few steps

Long lasting manicure

Hey there! Have you ever wondered why your polish chips off on the first day of wear? And how others can wear it for the whole week? Well, I definitely asked this question so many times before I started my nail art journey.

Whenever I put on polish, it would chip the next day. Even the expensive ones. I thought that nail polish just is not supposed to stay on your nails for more than 2 days.

But when I started to do my nails more regularly, I found that there’re some tricks you can use to make your manicure last longer. In fact, I can wear my manicure for more than a week… but I usually don’t, ‘cause I get tired of it quicker! lol


If you want to know, how to keep you polish ON your nails, keep reading 😉


No cracks on nails = No cracks on polish

Preping your nails for manicure is important if you want your mani to last. Especially if you have weak nails (like I did!). Look closely at the ends of your nails and check if you don’t have any chipping. If you do, buff it up! You should make sure that your nail is smooth before you apply the polish, because cracks in your nails will always result in cracks on your polish.

Even if you need to shorten your nails to get rid of the crack, do it – ‘cause cracks do have a tendency to spread further to your nail and it’ll be a never ending battle: you VS chipping.

Base coat foundation

Yes, you can’t start a manicure directly with color polish. I already talked about in my post about must do’s when you use nail polish regularly.

Apart from protecting your nails, base coat actually makes your mani last longer. That’s all I can say here.

Enough coats to make it stick

It’s not about the opacity of your polish, it’s about the wear time. Most of us put only 1 coat of a color polish and think – it’s done.

No, no, no! That’s not how it works 🙂 I personally experienced that you need no less than 2 coats, and no more than 4 thin coats to make your manicure last longer. If you make it too thin, it will be worn off so quickly. If you make it too thick, it’ll chip.

My recommendation: put 2-3 coats of your color polish, and wait some time between coats to let the polish dry (about 10 minutes).

Seal your manicure from chipping

To be honest, until I saw somebody do it, I never thought of it myself. It works, I swear.

When you apply you base coat, your first coat of color and your top coat, you need to seal the edge of your nail. Just sweep the nail polish brush on the edge – done!

It’s a simple technique that helps protect the edge of the nail from chipping too early.

Top it up for longer wear

Last important thing is to put on a top coat. A lot of you would be resistant to this additional “unnecessary” step. But I’m telling you, it’s a must. If you really want to wear your manicures for longer times, you need to make this small effort, and it can actually be a time-saver. Why? Use a good quick dry top coat, like Seche Vite or Poche.

Pay attention to your mani

Now you have your beautiful nails done. You can do anything… Well, not really. You need to pay attention and beware of water! If you need to do any household chores, you better wear gloves. It’s important, since when your hands spend too much time in water with various chemical substances, like cleaning things, they get really weak, curvy and tend to chip so fast. You’d better protect them to be able to wear your manicure for longer time.

Take off your polish and repeat

You might not believe it, but I personally saw this happen on my nails – the more I used nail polish, the stronger my nails got. No kidding!

Though it’s a common belief that nail polish ruins your nails, it actually protects them. Of course, if you use 3-free or 5-free polishes. When you have polish on, nails usually don’t peel or chip that often.

In addition, your nails get used to polish and can hold it for longer times. It’s like a positive vicious circle. 🙂


These were my top things helping my manicure to last longer. What are your secrets?

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