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Hey, did you know that you are doing it all wrong? o.O

Just kidding. But a lot of people don’t realize that they miss important things when painting their nails. And I just want to make sure you doing it right!

So here is a short list of things you really-really need to consider when doing your manicure.

Number 1 – Base Coat.

A lot of people disregard applying a base coat because it takes “too much time”. Or they don’t really see why do it.
Well, I tell you this: base coats usually dry, like, in 15 seconds. By the time you finish applying it on nail 10, it’s already dry on nail 1.
But this additional step will bring you only positive things:

  • Protect your nails from staining. Some nail polishes, even from well-know and respected brands, can stain your nails – it’s inevitable. And you’ll have to wait for it to grow off to get rid of it.
  • Prolong your nail polish wear time. Some don’t believe it, but it’s true – nail polish sticks better to other nail polish. So base coat ensures you’ll wear your manicure twice as long.
  • Strengthen your nails. Most base coats are made to positively affect your natural nails. So why miss out on this opportunity? Remember, it only takes 15 additional seconds.

Number 2 – Top Coat.

Top coats are very often left aside. Yes, it’s another additional step and most often it really makes it longer to do your nails. But with the new trends kicking in, it can actually make your life easier! Here’s how:

  • Fasten the drying process. You won’t believe it: I apply my top coat, and 5 minutes later I go wash the dishes – and my manicure stays intact. Isn’t it great? Most brands now provide quick dry tops that actually work. You have to check it out – it’ll change your nail care life.
  • Protect you manicure for longer time. With a good top coat you can wear your mani for a week! It makes the difference. A nail polish without any top coat chips off very easily. And a top seals it in for better wear time.
  • Make your manicure shinier. Some nail polishes dry dull, and I’m not talking about matte finishes. It’s just that the pigments in the polish make take away the shine. Top coat can save your mani in this case and make them more elegant and noticeable.

Number 3 – Cream.

Yes, having beautiful nails is a full-time job. After all those nail polish removers, not only your nails, but cuticle area and hands in general, become dry. You need to nurture them with a good cream.
Just moisturizing your hands will help your nails grow better and cuticles look nicer without any complicated cuticle routine.
So right now, buy 1 cream tube for each place you spend time in and put it there: next to your bed, on your desk, on your bathroom table. Why not even in the kitchen, so that you can use it after washing the dishes?!

Number 4 – Cuticle Oil.

I may say it’s a tip for more ‘advanced’ users, hehe. But if you got to this point, I guess you are up for it! Way to go 🙂
So cuticle oil… I was skeptic about it as you cannot really see results right away. But believe me, it’s an important thing if you regularly use nail polish. It basically has similar effects as hand cream, but more concentrated on your nails and cuticle.
Use it every time you finish your manicure (with a fast-dry top coat, of course) -apply a drop of oil on each nail and gently rub it in your skin. Takes, like, 5 minutes.

Number 5 – Fun.

Painting your nails very often can become too much of an unpleasant routine. So remember to have fun! Change your nails when you buy new polishes, or to set up your mood.
If you are overwhelmed, don’t try to match your nails to your outfit every day – it’s ok to have blue nails even if you wear a red dress. So don’t overdo it. Just have fun!

Did I miss anything important? Let me know in the comments below.

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