Simple cuticle routine

Simple cuticle routine

Hey there! Let’s get to some important basics any nail lover should know – cuticle routine.

This is so far one of the most important things when you do your nails on so many different levels. It makes your manicure looks much more professional and clean (point number one). It also helps your nails grow faster and kind of heals them (point number two). And it also prepares your nail bed for manicure, hence makes it easier to paint your nails (point number three).

I won’t be going into detail of all these statements, so you’ll have to believe me (or don’t believe me, but still do the routine :-D). Anyway, I wanted to tell you about simple steps I go through almost every time I paint my nails to keep them fancy! Check them out.

Clean and dry

The first thing to do in your cuticle routine is to remove nail polish from your nails, of course. I know sometimes I’m getting lazy and just want to work on my cuticles when I have polish on. But it never ends well. You need to get your nails clean & dry first, meaning, no nails polish, no cream, no water.

Cuticle remover

One of the magic products I use is a cuticle remover. You have to have it to make your cuticle look beautiful. I personally use Sally Hansen’s one, but I’m sure there’re other good brands out there. It’s quite fast and easy thing to do, just follow the instructions.
What I also like about this product, is that it softens the skin for the next step.


This step is sometimes unnecessary, but the cuticle remover still leaves some parts of the dead skin around your nails depending on their nature. So to make your cuticle look perfect, get some clippers going 🙂 I use very small one. Remember: your cuticle is somewhat sensitive right now, so be careful and cut only those parts that won’t hurt.

Oily cuticles

This is actually not only a cuticle routine step, but just a regular must-do of a nail lover. After you prepared your cuticles and removed dead skin, put on some cuticle oil. Currently I use Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil (love the smell).
Once a week you can do a full coverage to help your cuticles and nails stay healthy: cover cuticles, the whole nail bed and under nail tip with oil and leave for about minutes.
When oil dries (or when you get tired and wash it off), you can finally paint your nails.

These four simple steps are essential for beautiful manicures, so remember to do your cuticle routine at least once per week. And the more you go through these steps, the less work you need to do next time. Pays off!

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